Rapid E-learning– a “Standard Operating Procedure” approach


Ready…set…LEARN! Image courtesy of http://clipart-library.com/clip-art/cross-country-runner-silhouette-20.htm

This week’s assignment was to compare our ADDIE mindmap and task list to what is possible with Rapid E-Learning, being clear that the steps in ADDIE still need to be done, but in an abbreviated way.

My reflection is that we want to make Rapid E-Learning as repeatable a process as possible, so we need to develop “Standard Operating Procedures” to how we work with it. To do this, we can get the client to make decisions up-front about the scope, including challenging whether learning is really what is needed or rather an adjustment to the business process, technology, policy, etc. Then if you can template absolutely everything, starting from the request form, to the learning templates, to the follow-up evaluation checklist, Rapid E-Learning can have a higher chance of combining quality, speed, and cost.

Please see here for my ideas on how to adapt ADDIE for a more rapid approach.