Week 1: Evaluating Open Educational Resources and Creative Commons assets


Click to watch the short introductory video to EndNote which I evaluated

This first concept of my signature assignment is inspired by the e-learning course I reviewed for the assignment (see below), as well as the work I did in the edX 200x course.

This week’s assignment was first, to develop a checklist of criteria to evaluate Open Educational Resources.  The second half was to find a suitable resource and evaluate it with the checklist, and  finally to reflect on the exercise.

I started my checklist and used inspiration from my classmates. I expect the checklist will evolve as I evaluate more assets and get feedback from them. I created it as a Google Sheet, which I can copy digitally in seconds and re-use. I don’t see a need to plan for using paper in such an exercise, when the course is about digital media. Please see my checklist template here.

My signature assignment is to design an overview on correct referencing and tools for fellow students in my Master’s programme. There is already plenty of good material out there to start with and tie together. It will be interesting to provide one video as well on how to use the referencing software EndNote in the context of our university library’s search engine. I evaluated a short video available on YouTube, “How to use EndNote in Six Minutes,” which I watched myself when I first installed the application. Please see my evaluation of the video using my checklist here.

For fun and to ensure I really have something reflecting my own brand, I also created my own Swedish Nerd Brand Avatar using Creative Commons assets, you can see what she looks like here on the home page.