Nerding out

I’ve started this blog as a place to display my nerdy work as I develop myself in coding and instructional design. Taking some MOOC courses, which are amazing by the way, on Khan Academy and edX, to learn some skillz. It’s a requirement for my instructional design course to share my work with the entire world, hooray!

My instructors want me to put my name on here but I’m paranoid. Suffice to say I’m in Sweden, I’m a lady, and I’m a nerd. I’ve been working in the SaaS world for awhile with “talent management” and learning software. Previously I worked as a management consultant advising HR and as a business analyst for a systems integrator. I feel the need to get just that bit more nerdy so I know what I’m talking about in front of technical specialists, so here I am.

Whilst googling I found this adorable image (above) of a NerdGirl, which is possible to order on a tote bag Order here at YuJean.