Week 5:EndNote X9 Special for GU Students

For the last three terms of my Master’s programme I have manually managed and proofed my APA references in papers and EdX assignments. Now that I’m working on the thesis, the number of references became too many to continue this way.  So I forced myself to learn how to use this EndNote thing. You can do it too, I promise it’s worth it.


I made this video as a tutorial for my classmates in the International Information Technology and Learning programme. It summarises the features I have found useful with the EndNote referencing tool once I got it installed and went through the basics, and contains the things I know they would want to do, like get references from our library search engine. I had to watch some videos and play around quite a bit to learn how to use it. It’s an intimidating tool to get started with but it now saves me SO MUCH TIME. As a gesture of love to my classmates and future generations of ITL@GU students, I wanted to put this together. It will form one part of my capstone assignment for the UMUC 300x course on EdX. It will be a short course for new students on getting started with EndNote.

I recorded the video using Camtasia and incorporated the closed captions feature. I also have a table of contents in the YouTube notes so viewers can go quickly to the sections they are most interested in.

If I had more time I’d like to incorporate some transitions. It would have been good to highlight my mouse whilst I was recording as well.

We are required for the UMUC 300x course to submit a storyboard of our videos, find that here.

Additionally I have critiqued my video using my Digital Media Checklist, please find that here.

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